Raquel’s Pain Perdu recipe for breakfast


My Spanish/French friend Raquel came back after living in Spain for a couple of years. It is not only awesome to have her family (including her two kids that are my kid’s age) back, but now that the kids are 10 and 7, we can do sleep-over trades.

One of the best thing about our kids sleeping over at her house was learning to make Pain Perdu, and the other was finally for my husband and I to have a night on our own! When we picked the kids up in the morning, we found them happily eating a kind of bread they would have never touched before. Pain Perdu is a recipe that uses the left over bread, or the ends of a loaf of bread, something that the kids never want to eat…

I recreated this recipe at home and added thawed berries to the bread -to make it a little bit healthier.

Not sure if I got the recipe 100% right, but here is what I did, and now and my kids love:


1.   I submerged the leftover pieces of bread in a bowl of milk, that I had previously mixed with cinnamon and a little bit of brown sugar.

2.   I lightly dipped the “milky” bread in a bowl with beaten eggs.


3. Fried the bread in butter.

And VOILA!!!!!!!! Delicious…

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